ZADD Martial Arts Centre

ZADD Martial Arts Centre
Gelanggang Beladiri dan Tempur

Sunday, 18 January 2009

2009 First Activity- Proposed

Proposed : Camping and Outdoor Training Trip
Duration : 3d2n
Venue : see video.
Activity : Camping, Training, Street Self-Defense ( Snatch, Grabs,Multiple attackers ),
War Games. Jungle Trekking/Mountain Climbing.
Date : To be advised
Fee : Affordable.
Attendance : For ZADD & MUSClub members only ( Also as attraction for new MUSClub's
members to be). Sunway University must be invited by Sunway Students of ZADD.
: Outsiders (By invitation from ZADD & MUSClub Seniors only)

Ladies participation is very much encourage because there will be a session on Ladies self defense...and you girls can also show that you can beat the guys at war games ( kasi malu sama Musclub guys heheh).

All pendekar and srikandi seniors will be called for a meeting regarding this and to discuss matters pertaining the recruitment of new members to their respective clubs.

Do watch the clip..its a very nice camping site.

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